Facial Reflexology

What is Face Reflexology

Devised by Lone Sorensen , Face Reflexology combines three ancient therapies with modern science of neurology. It is the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, South American Zone Therapy, Vietnamese face maps & points and our most current knowledge of neuro-anatomy.

Our face contains numerous nerves and blood vessels. It’s close proximity to the brain insures facial stimulation as the shortest pathway to the brain center, offering an more efficient effect in balancing ones health concerns. The stimulation works through the Central Nervous System to specific organs and systems to regulate your blood, lymph, body functions and hormones.
This complementary therapy is designed to assess the underlying cause of the ones compromised health, yet also assist with the treatment of symptoms.

What is a treatment like?
The treatment is a gentle non-invasive therapy. One remains completely clothed at all times.

Face Reflexology is deeply soothing. Often we don’t realize the tension and stress that our facial muscles are holding transmitting to our entire body. This tension is created by mundane activities: chewing, grinding teeth, tired or straining eyes, even laughing. Our faces are the first locations we exhibit our emotions or suppress them. With Face Reflexology, stimulation of the points and zones trigger release of endorphins and serotonin, so one comes away relaxed and rejuvenated. The deep smooth massage steadily releases the tension and balances the central nervous system helping the body to heal itself.

A light oil is applied to the face to assist in the technique. It is a rich handcrafted Rosehip Oil gathered from wild roses in the protected region of Argentina’s Rainforest. Naturally abundant in vitamin C, the oil heals and conditions the face, leaving the skin more supple, toned and healthier.

Who can benefit?

Face Reflexology may be used to assist in the treatment for specific conditions, to maintain ones health, or purely for facial rejuvenation and relaxation. As a complimentary therapy, Face Reflexology does not claim to cure but does greatly enhance and assist in the treatment of many conditions.

• Allergies
• Anxiety & Stress
• Arthritic Conditions
• Bells Palsy
• Depression
• Digestive Problems
• Insomnia
• Infertility
• Migraines
• Stroke Rehabilitation
• and many more...

Children and Young Adults

The Institute since 1978 has helped children with Facial Reflexology for an assortment of diverse problems. Most common is with the child having difficulty in school. This can be due to various reasons

• difficulty remaining in seat
• learning challenges
• problems concentrating
• weak memory and recall
• peers causing emotional difficulties
• having no friends
• stress and anxiety

The parent often feels at a loss how to help the child and at times feels quite desperate. The problems are unresolved and the lack of success then causes even more stress and anxiety.
Research in the U.S.A. has found that 12% of children born under difficult labor circumstances suffer from what is termed “post-traumatic brain damage.”

Often within a few treatments, positive results are obtained. A sense of balance and tranquility are restored giving the child more ability to learn thus raising their self-confidence. Harmony returns to the family.

What to expect after a treatment

Many people describe it as a deeply relaxing, soothing treatment, leaving one with the added bonus of a healthier complexion and radiant face. One must also remember that as a treatment stimulating the entire body, one can experience symptoms of detoxing….these are merely temporary and signal the body is working to cleanse and balance. Symptoms of detoxification could be headaches, chills, profuse sweating, change in bowels or more frequent need to urinate. It is important to rest and drink plenty of water after the treatment to support the body in it’s transition. If any of these symptoms occur, remember it is temporary and signals the body is working.









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